samedi 4 février 2012

MySQL data files .MYD, .MYI, and .frm des fichiers courants

A MySQL database creates a number of different data files in the mysql data directory (typically /var/lib/mysql). The following are the differences between the data files created:
File Extension Purpose
.frm table definition
.MYD table data
.MYI table indices
I believe these files are created for both MyISAM and InnoDB table types because the MySQL documentation references these types with respect to MyISAM and I definitely see them on my InnoDB tables.

 If these are MyISAM tables, then plopping the .FRM, .MYD, and .MYI files into a database directory (e.g., /var/lib/mysql/dbname) will make that table available.

How to restore DB using this files

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