mardi 21 février 2012

Dump file

à partir du windows vista Dans le géstionnaire de tache il existe l'option créer fichier Dump:

so we ask windows what is this file?

Dump files, previously called crash dumps, allow you to save program information for debugging a later time. Dump files can be especially useful when you are testing a program on a computer that does not have source or symbol files. When a crash occurs, you can save a dump file and debug it later, either on the build computer or on another computer that has the source files and debugging symbols.
The dump files that are saved and opened by Visual Studio use a file format called minidump. Visual Studio can save minidump files with or without heap information.

So in a nutshell :

Dump files are usually used when troubleshooting application crashes and contain information about the program (that can be passed onto developers, for example).

Dump files are created when an application crashes and creates an exception code. The dump file states at what line or area of memory the program crashed at and is used for troubleshooting the direct cause of the application exception. Windows blue screen of deaths create dump files by default as a .dmp file.

When viewing a dump file, you can look at the area of memory/line that caused exception and use it to research a fix for that specific error or possibly submit it to the company/programmer of the application to help track down a fix or debug the program. 

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