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HP Procurve switch

à la découvert du switch       HP ProCurve 2324 J4818A
Type: Fixed Port Unmanaged Ethernet Switches
Series: HP ProCurve 2300 Switch series
HP Product number: J4818A

Tous les docs nécessaires se trouve à :

on se base sur le product number  pour identifier notre switch parmi la gamme procurve "2300"
le lien suivant
liste les series du sitch procurve et leurs manuels,software.....

le lien suivant présente la serie 2300 :

Remarque :

The switches have two slots for installing any of the supported HP Gb/s (gigabit) or 100 Mb/s transceivers. Depending on where you will install the switch, it may be easier to install the transceivers first.
The slot cover can be removed with either a flat-bladed or Torx T-10 screwdriver. Keep the slot cover for future use.
ces slotes peuvent etré utilisé pour connection par fibre optique en installent un SFP (transciver optique)
Ce document présente les transciver du procurev :
!!les 25 led 25 et 26 sint ceux des transciver ajoutés

dans ce lien une liste de transcivers FX :

Connecting a console
To connect a console to the switch, follow these steps:
  1. Connect the PC or terminal to the switch’s Console Port using the console cable included with the 2500 Series switch. (If the or terminal has a 25-pin serial connector, first attach a 9- pin to 25-pin straight-through adapter at one end of the console cable.)
  2. Turn on the terminal or PC’s power and, if using a PC, start the PC terminal program.
  3. Press Enter key two or three times and you will see the copyright page and the message"Press any key to continue" . Press a key, and the switch console command (CLI) prompt can be seen, for example:
    HP ProCurve Switch 2524 and 2312/2324#
    Figure 7: Connecting a console
    1Console port
    2Console cable supplied with the switch
    3PC running a terminal emulator program, or a VT-100 terminal

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