jeudi 30 juin 2011

Save log apartir de Rsyslog to mysql database

 install en opensuse :

to erase the syslog by rsyslog
(hadi se fait seul )

Replacing stock syslogd

After installing rsyslog3, stop the syslog daemon:
/etc/init.d/syslog stop
Eedit the file /etc/sysconfig/syslog and change the following options to:

1-edite le fichier /etc/rsyslog.conf :
 ----ajout :
# rsyslog v3: load input modules
# If you do not load inputs, nothing happens!
$ModLoad ommysql #pour le mysql 
----ajout :
USE Syslog;
        ID int unsigned not null auto_increment primary key,
        CustomerID bigint,
        ReceivedAt datetime NULL,
        DeviceReportedTime datetime NULL,
        Facility smallint NULL,
        Priority smallint NULL,
        FromHost varchar(60) NULL,
        Message text,
        NTSeverity int NULL,
        Importance int NULL,
        EventSource varchar(60),
        EventUser varchar(60) NULL,
        EventCategory int NULL,
        EventID int NULL,
        EventBinaryData text NULL,
        MaxAvailable int NULL,
        CurrUsage int NULL,
        MinUsage int NULL,
        MaxUsage int NULL,
        InfoUnitID int NULL ,
        SysLogTag varchar(60),
        EventLogType varchar(60),
        GenericFileName VarChar(60),
        SystemID int NULL

CREATE TABLE SystemEventsProperties
        ID int unsigned not null auto_increment primary key,
        SystemEventID int NULL ,
        ParamName varchar(255) NULL ,
        ParamValue text NULL

----- ajout :
#*.*;mail.none;news.none            -/var/log/messages
 *.*   :ommysql:database-server,database-name,database-userid,database-password

restart le syslog
/etc/rc.d/syslog restart

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