mercredi 8 juin 2011

le fameux i386 i686

The x86 is a series of microprocessors created by Intel as well as clones created by rival companies. The i386, i586 and i686 are the third, fifth and sixth generation of these processors, respectively.
ntel began production of the i386 in 1985. Intel introduced the i586 in 1993, but as the company could not trademark numbers, the i586 became the first processor in Intel's Pentium line. Intel released the i686 as the "Pentium II" in 1995.
there is a various kinds of computers ("architectures"),, Compaq's Alpha, Sun's Sparc,
   Motorola/IBM's PowerPC, and (Strong)ARM processors
. Binaries (the executable programs) can be optimized for 686, so they will only work on a 686 (pentium pro and pentium 2 or higher). The ones compiled for 386 will work on all intel compatible. The ones compiled for 586 will work on pentium and highe

Pour savoir quel architecture est implementé on utilise

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