lundi 6 juin 2011

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fo cleaner le zypper pour opensuse( apt ou yum for fedora etc..)
Zypper is the fastest and most powefull package manager front-end today
su - terminal, one at a time in this order
zypper rr 2
zypper rr 1
zypper clean --all
zypper ref

Zypper, l'interface du gestionnaire de paquet reposant sur la librairie Libzypp.
Both YaST and zypper use libzypp under the hood. The YaST gui provides a lot of flexibility and functions which, while most can also be done in zypper, are easier to do in YaST. Having said that, zypper can install anything that YaST can and takes care of dependencies the same way. So, bottom line, it's a matter of preference. (Note: The YaST Software Management in Gnome is quite different, and not as full-featured, as the KDE version. IIRC you can use the KDE version from within Gnome.)
YaST calls the zypper library to do its work. However you may not be able to literally run them concurrently as there will be a lock preventing two instances of the same tool or different tools from accessing the RPM database

DC pour installer soit on utilise yast (instl/remov) opur chercher/installer snn on telecherge l'rpm et on appel zypper or yast nit :p

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