mercredi 13 juin 2012

configure machin.config file or web.config to secure your applicationi

Difference between Web.Config and Machine.Config File

Two types of configuration files supported by ASP.Net.
Configuration files are used to control and manage the behavior of a web application.

i) Machine.config

Difference between Machine.Config and Web.Config
i)  This is automatically installed when you install Visual Studio. Net.
ii) This is also called machine level configuration file.
iii)Only one machine.config file exists on a server.
iv) This file is at the highest level in the configuration hierarchy.

i)  This is automatically created when you create an ASP.Net web application project.
ii) This is also called application level configuration file.
iii)This file inherits setting from the machine.config

to protect your app you have to diseable remote error display  in web.config or machin.config
pour filtreer les erreur affichés aux externes

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