dimanche 20 novembre 2011

upgrade opensuse to from 11.x to 12.x

Opensuse 12.1 Final has been released, the following post will show How to upgrade your 11.X or 12.1 milestones to RC or Final release ?opensuse-logo
The actual installed release:
user@linux-xq75:~> cat  /etc/issue
Welcome to openSUSE 12.1 "Asparagus" Milestone 2  - Kernel \r (\l).

Start The Upgrade by typing the following commands:

zypper ref && zypper -q dup -d 
init 3 
zypper dup --download-in-advance 
shutdown -r now (to complete the Kernel Update)
  • From 11.x to 12.1 (thx  Amir)
zypper addrepo --name "openSUSE-12.1 OSS" http://download.opensuse.org/distribution/12.1/repo/oss/ repo-12.1-oss
zypper addrepo --name "openSUSE-12.1 Non-OSS" http://download.opensuse.org/distribution/12.1/repo/non-oss/ repo-12.1-non-oss
zypper addrepo --refresh --name "openSUSE-12.1 Updates" http://download.opensuse.org/update/12.1/ repo-11.2-update
zypper ref
zypper dup

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